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Contact Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006 or www.brownpapertickets.com.

Tickets are $20/ $15 for students and seniors and can be purchased at the door and by reservation on a first come first serve basis.

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Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya is a story about inspiration for the future, love and dreams, how big ideas become meaningless, and the summation of life.

Directed by Leonid Anisimov
Assistant Directed by Corinne Bogan

~ Cast of Characters ~
Serebryakov, Aleksandr Vladimirovich, a retired professor
/ Leon Mattigosh
Yelena Andreevna , his wife
/ Anya Hanson, Erika Godwin
Sofya Aleksandrovna (Sonya), his daughter from a first marriage
/ Telisa Steen , Yoko Layer
Voynitskaya, Maria Vasilyevna, widow of the privy councillor, mother of the professor’s first wife
/ Wanda Moats, Corinne Bogan
Voynitsky, Ivan Petrovich (Vanya), her son
/ Paul Layer
Astrov, Mikhail Lvovich, a doctor
/ Erwin Galan , Robert Bertocchini
Telegin, Ilya Ilyich (Waffles), an impoverished landowner
/ Tyler Rhoades , Robert Bertocchini
Marina, the old family nurse
/ Kristine Knutson
A Workman
/ Erwin Galan , Robert Bertocchini , Devin Bartlett

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The Seagull

"It is a comedy, three women parts, six men parts, four acts, a country scene (view of a lake) ; a lot of talk about literature, little action, five tones of love " by Chekhov

Directed by Leonid Anisimov

The action takes place on Sorin’s estate near Moscow. The first three acts happen within two weeks. Between Acts 3 and 4 there is an interval of two years.

~ Cast of Characters ~
Arkadina, Irina Nikolayevna, (Madame Trepleva), an actress
/ Yoko Layer
Teplev, Konstantin Gavrilovich ,Her son, a young man
/Joe Feeney , Tyler Rhoades
Sorin, Pyotr Nikolayevich, her brother
/Leon Mattigosh
Zarechnaya, Nina Mikhailovna, a young girl, the daughter of a wealthy landowner
/ Erika Godwin , Anya Hanson , Yoshiko Nakazawa( on March 10, 15 )
Shamrayev, Ilya Afanasyevich, a retired lieutenant, Sorin’s manager
/ Robert Bertocchini
Polina Andreyevna, his wife
/ Corrine Bogan , Lynne Compton b0096595_17595181.jpg
Masha, his daughter
/ Kristine Knutson
Trigorin, Boris Alekseyevich, a writer
/ Paul Layer
Dorn, Yevgney Sergeyevich, a doctor
/ Peter Sorensen
Medvedenko, Semyon Semyonovich, a schoolmaster
/Joe Feeney , Tyler Rhoades , Subash Gutala , Erwin Galan

There will be a 15 minute intermission between Acts 2 and 3.
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Acting classes

Seattle Novyi Theatre (SNT) is offering a workshop entitled The Art of Stanislavski and You for children from 6th grade to 9th grade beginning January 19, 2008. In this workshop we will create alongside the story structure of the play using three parts of the Stanislavski System:

* Inner Action
* Visualization
* Judgment

These will greater enhance the students ability to communicate to their partners on stage, and discover unique pathways into the suggested circumstances of the play and their own imagination.

Workshop Information and Location

Location: University Heights Community Center

Wednesday 4:00PM – 6:00PM

Saturday 10AM – 1PM

January 19 – March 13, 2007

Grades 6-9

Cost: $300

Workshop Theme: Scenes from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and other plays

The workshop will be taught by Paul Layer and Corinne Bogan

Paul is an actor, producer and one of the founding members of SNT. He has studied the Stanislavski System with Honored Artist of Russia, Leonid Anisimov since 2001, and over the last seven years has implemented aspects of the system developed by Stanislavski in productions of The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters and The Lower Depths with Art Theatre of Puget Sound, Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theatre, and SNT. Additionally, Paul taught acting classes in Tokyo using the Stanislavski System in 2004-05. From 1987 through 2000 he appeared in plays in various theatres throughout the Puget Sound area.

Corinne is an actor, director and is also one of the founding members of SNT. She has studied the Stanislavski System with Leonid Anisimov since 2006, and has implemented aspects of the system developed by Stanislavski while acting in The Seagull and co-directing Uncle Vanya.

For further information please contact either Paul or Corinne at:

(206) 331-6944 (Paul)

(206) 793-4586
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Symposium - The Road Toward Inspiration

Four of our theatre members - Corinne, Robert, Paul & Yoko - went to Tokyo in early November to attend rehearsals and performances at Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theatre. They also participated in an International Symposium on Inspiration and Creativity in Tokyo on November 11. The title of the Symposium was 'The Road Toward Inspiration', and the following questions were discussed:
left to right: Hirohito Kamize (translator), Leonid Anisimov, Sozo Tosaka (translator), Toshiko Toriyama

1. What is inspiration? Does it really exist?
Is there another word for it?

2. What is the relationship between inspiration and art?
Is inspiration necessary in theatre, film, or any kind of art?
Can art exist without it?

3. What is the way or road toward inspiration?

4. What kind of effect does inspiration have on life?

A panel of Japanese, Russian, Korean & American artists, philosophers and teachers was joined by approximately 150 people from theatres and schools around Japan to contemplate and discuss these questions.
left to right: Hyo Hirota (MC), Toji Kamata, Tatsuo Kaneshita, Ken Itoh

The following is the translation from the program for the Symposium:

The Japanese panelists were:

Ken Itoh
TV documentary director, and director of the documentary film "Song of the Island - Thousands of Islands"

Mr. Itoh was born in Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture in 1967. After he studied Urban Sociology centered on field works in the Department of Sociological Studies at Rikkyo University, he started to work as an announcer at NHK (the Japanese national television and radio broadcast company) in 1991. He also directed documentary programs and covered news when he encountered "To Live in Aga" by Makoto Satou, which convinced him of the higher possibilities of documentary films. He left NHK in 1997, and joined a program production company, Telecom Staff. Since then, he has directed many documentary TV programs.
His work includes:
"Song of the Island - Thousands of Islands"
"Mountains and Rivers Without End (Snyder, Gary and SKYPerfecTV!)
“Songs Do Walk” (Nanao Sakaki and SKYPerfecTV!)
“Word Trip Toward My Heart – Mizmal Anzai / Southern Areas of the USA” (NHK – BS2)
“This Wonderful Spaceship Called Earth / Native Americans” (TV Asahi)
“High-Vision TV Special Program – 9/11 – Four Years of Bereaved Japanese Families” (NHK – BS-hi)
The website for “Song of the Island – Thousands of Islands”:

Tatsuo Kaneshita
Mr. Kaneshita was born in Hokkaido in 1964. He graduated from the Nippon Engineering College, and the actor’s training school of Seinenza Theater Company. He established “Theater Production Company The Gazira” in 1987. Its first performance “Once Upon A Time In Kyoto” (Jels Hall in Tokyo) won the Jels Circuit Grand Prize. He has established himself as a playwright and director since that time.

Mr. Kaneshita won the Rookie of the Year award at the 42nd Minister of Education’s Art Encouragement Prize for “Tatsuya – Side of the Beloved” in 1992, and the Individual Prize at the 32nd Kinokuniya Theatre Awards for “POW – Prisoner of War” and “Samuhana”, which he wrote and directed himself in 1997.

He also won the Grand Prize and the Best Director Prize at the 5th Yomiuri Theatre Awards for his four plays “POW – Prisoner of War”, “In Front of the Greenhouse” (by Kunio Kishida), “Release on Parole” (by Akira Yoshimura), and “The Bottom” (by Masataka Matsuda).

Mr. Kaneshita creates theater works that always look at Japan while expanding the breadth of his career in many fields.

The website for Theater Production Company The Gazira:

Toji Kamata
Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design / Shinto Songwriter

Mr. Kamata was born in Tokushima Prefecture in 1951. He graduated from Kokugakuin University, Department of Literature, Philosophy Section, and completed a Doctoral course at the same university with a degree in Shintoism. He won Rookie of the Year at the Shintoism and Religion Society Research Encouragement Awards for “Legend of the Water God.” He was awarded with a Joint Research Prize in 1990 by the Japan Child Care Society Research Encouragement Awards. He was a joint research member and visiting assistant professor at the International and Japanese Culture Research Center from 1989 to 2000. He served as Celtic studies visiting researcher at Dublin (Ireland) University in 1995.

Mr. Kamata formed a music unit called “Unit of Origin Soul of Sound” in May 1998, and started his career as a stone-pipe player. He appeared as a “Shinto songwriter”, and released his first CD in December 1998, and composed 200 songs that year. He performs live at venues around Japan.

He obtained his PhD (Literature) at the University of Tsukuba with “Comparative Religious Research on Spirit of the Words” in March 2001. He is now a professor at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, and Chief Director of NPO Tokyo College of Liberty. His specialties are philosophy of religion, folklore, and history of Japanese thought.

His books include: “Theory of an Old Man and Child”, Fieldwork of the Gods World”, “The Spirituality of Shintoism”, “Curse Killing and Theory of Boundary of the Charm”, “Literature Magazine – Spirituality”, and “Spiritual Man.”
Toji Kamata’s Official Website: http://homepage2.nifty.com/moon21/index.html

Toshiko Toriyama
Chairwoman of NPO Tokyo Kenji’s School of Free Waldorf Shure

Ms. Toriyama graduated from the Department of Education at Kagawa University. Throughout her 30 year career as a public elementary school teacher in Tokyo, she developed progressive classes to stimulate the minds and bodies of children while studying the works of predecessors in related fields. She retired in 1994, and started to give workshops and lectures under the name of “Kenji’s School” speaking out on how to “connect our lives.” She searched for a system that a person could use to live their life as a whole at home and at school. She started to establish a new school with teachers and parents who were in sympathy with her ideas. Tokyo Kenji’s School started in April 2001, and she was in charge of the 6th grade, and the principal of the school. She also completed a one year special training course in Steiner Education for Japanese in Nuremburg, Germany in 2004.

Ms. Toriyama’s works include: “Making by Being Made”, “Kenji’s School”, and “Knowing Through the Body, the Strength to Live” (books); and “Natural Agriculture” and “To Hand Down the Mountains for Our Children” (documentary films).
The website for NPO Tokyo Kenji’s School of Free Waldorf Shure is:

The Russian Panelists were:

Leonid Anisimov (biography appears elsewhere on this website)

Professor Yachin (biography to follow soon)

The American Panelists were Paul Layer, Yoko Layer, Corinne Bogan and Robert Bertocchini.
left to right: Paul , Yoko Osaka ( Actress and translator for Americans)

Theatre's friends in Japan
Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theatre is beginning its 3rd years, and we were privileged to see 3 rehearsals (The Cherry Orchard and The Seagull), and 4 performances (Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, At The Bottom and The Love Suicides at Sonezaki).

Party at Theatre

Robert & Paul are talking about SOMETHING? in the theatre.

Japanese translator( Russian and Japanese)- Mr.Tosaka.

We went to Kamakura with Leonid and some of Japanese actors.
Big Buddha!



Ocean - Kamakura

Chizu, Leonid, Yoko & Yoshiko

Leonid, Yoko & Corinne

Yoshiko, Corinne & Yoko

Corinne & Yoko

Corinne in front of Hase temple.

Corinne is very Happy!!

Robert Love JAPAN !!

Pual & Yoko shopping.

Japanese actors on the train.

Corinne, Paul, Robert on the train.

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About Anton Chekhov

b0096595_10234790.jpgAnton Pavlovich Chekhov
(29 January 1860 –15 July 1904) was a major Russian writer known primarily for his short stories and plays. Many of his short stories are considered the apotheosis of the form while his plays have had a great impact on dramatic literature and performance. From Chekhov, many contemporary playwrights have learned how to use mood, apparent trivialities and inaction to highlight the internal psychology of characters. Chekhov's four major plays— The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard —are frequently revived in modern productions.

Chekhov was born in Taganrog, a small provincial port on the Sea of Azov, in southern Russia on January 29, 1860. A son of a grocer and grandson to a serf who had bought his own freedom, Anton Chekhov was the third of six children. In 1879 Chekhov entered the Moscow University Medical School. During this time, he published hundreds of comic short stories, under the pseudonym Anton Chekhonte, in order to support himself and his mother, sisters and brothers.

Chekhov qualified as a physician in 1884, but continued writing for weekly periodicals while practicing medicine in Moscow, Melikhovo and Yalta. By 1886 Chekhov was becoming a well-known writer, but he still considered his writing a hobby.

b0096595_1037840.jpgUncle Vanya is a tragicomedy by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov published in 1899. Its first major performance was in 1900 at the Moscow Art Theatre under the direction of Konstantin Stanislavski. It was the second of four Chekhov plays that were presented (and the first to premiere) at the Moscow Art Theatre. The other three plays were: The Seagull, Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.

"Uncle Vanya" is unique among Chekhov's major plays because it is essentially an extensive reworking of a play published a decade earlier, "The Wood Demon." "Uncle Vanya" was published in 1899, but it is difficult to determine when the work was originally finished, or when the revision process took place. Recent scholarship suggests that Chekhov may have revisited "The Woood Demon" during his trip to the island of Sakhalin, a prison colony in Eastern Russia, in 1891.

b0096595_10432653.jpgIn 1901 he married Olga Leonardovna Knipper, an actress who performed in his plays. Chekhov died on July 15, 1904 in Badenweiler, Germany.
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About Leonid Anisimov

b0096595_9192680.jpgLeonid Anisimov is an "Honored Artist of Russia," a title that represents his country's highest recognition of artistic achievement. Trained at the Moscow Art Institute, the artistic director of the Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theatre, The Ussuriysk Drama Theater, and co-founder of the International Stanislavski Academy, Anisimov is one of the few masters in the world to utilize the Stanislavski system to create what he calls "The Art of Re-living." His plays are known for simple, yet theatrical staging that emphasize the actor's ability to realize moments fully and truthfully.

Throughout his 15 years as Artistic Director of the Vladivostok Chamber Drama Theatre, Anisimov built a company repertoire of 15 plays. During the Chamber Drama Theatre's 1995 visit to Seattle, the Seattle Weekly described the acting in Anisimov's The Seagull as "moments laid lovingly down like pearls on velvet, each one shining with a rich luster," while The Stranger reported the production as "quite simply, what live theater should be". Anisimov and his company returned to Seattle in 1998 and performed The Lower Depths to sold-out houses at Freehold Theatre and the Tacoma Little Theatre. He directed local actors in the Art Theatre of Puget Sound's 1999 production of Uncle Vanya, and in 2001, The Cherry Orchard. Mr. Anisimov continues to lecture, teach, and direct in the United States, Japan, and Russia. Most recently, he taught at Cornish College, Freehold Theatre Lab, the University of Washington, the University of Puget Sound, Seattle Pacific University, Perezhhivanie Art Theatre and Theatre Kyo in Tokyo, and at the International Stanislavski Academy in Yuda, Japan.


This picture is from a collaborative rehearsal of "The Seagull" Act 1-Sorin and Nina-(Viktor Baigulov from Russia and Yoko Layer from Japan) at the International Stanislavski Academy in Yuda, Japan, 2001.
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The First year's members - Biographies

b0096595_1520232.jpgRobert Bertocchini
Robert has been studying Chekhov and Stanislavski with Leonid Anisimov since 2001. He was involved with an international collaboration in Yuda, Japan with Russian and Japanese actors in 2001 and 2003 under the direction of Anisimov.

Corinne Boganb0096595_15514361.jpg
Corinne is currently co-directing with Leonid Anisimov, in Seattle Novyi Theatre's production of Uncle Vanya. Corinne attended Cornish College of the Arts, Studied with Mark Jenkins at Freehold Theatre Lab & Studio and trained with Leonid Anisimovs' winter workshop, which ended with a performance of The Seagull.

Joe Feeneyb0096595_13351792.jpg
A recent graduate of UW, Joe was recently seen in The Cherry Orchard at UW under the direction of Leonid Anisimov and in This is Our Youth, a Direct Flight Production hosted by WET

b0096595_15161461.jpgErika Godwin
Erika has been in Seattle since graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Theatre in 2004. Some of her favorite roles include Bette in The Marriage of Bette and Boo and Sue/Joan/Joanne in Lion in the Streets. She was last seen as Olivia in Twelfth Night and Helena in The Rover, both at Ghost Light Theatricals.

Erwin Galanb0096595_1041689.jpg
Hailing originally from Cuba, Erwin has appeared locally in Tino does Time at Live Girls! Theatre and The Gamblers with Steeplechase Productions.

b0096595_8451749.jpgSubash Gutala
He started pursuing acting after be moved to Seattle in 2005. He is taking classes Freehold on method acting. He aspires to be a truthful actor, both on and off stage. He has been involved with Seattle Novyi Theatre since 2006. In his life, he is a devotee of Saibaba.

Anya Hanson b0096595_9393648.jpg
Anya immigrated to the United States from Russia in March 2003. She was involved in community theatre in Volgograd, Russia where she began studying the Stanislavski system. She took an active role in developing a drama ministry in her church and directing/producing “He lives” a multimedia and theatre production. She first joined the Seattle Novyi Theatre working as Leonid’s interpreter and later became a part of the cast.

Kristine Knutson b0096595_8585465.jpg
Kristine Knutson earns her living as a librarian, studies taichi and is a certified teacher of the Skinner Releasing Technique. After hearing Leonid Anisimov speak about the Stanislavski Technique in 1999 she began to study with him whenever the opportunity arose. Under Anisimov’s direction she has had the opportunity to rehearse the role of Masha in The Seagull and Marina in Uncle Vanya.

Paul Layer b0096595_15214323.jpg
Paul has been acting in, directing and producing theatre in the Seattle area since 1989. He has been studying and using the Stanislavski System since 2001. Under the direction of Leonid Anisimov he has appeared in The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya and The Lower Depths in Seattle ,Tokyo and Russia.

b0096595_1483341.jpgYoko Layer
Yoko has been acting for 18 years, and the last seven years have been with Leonid Anisimov using the Stanislavski System. Additionally, she has been training as apprentice and performing Noh Theatre with Mr.Rokuro Umewaka. She is also a member of Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theatre.

b0096595_16313472.jpgLeon Mattigosh
Leon has been performing and taking classes in Seattle for 28 years. He is a member of the Red Earth Performing Arts Company. Leon’s most memorable roles have been in Susan Simpson’s Moline and in Bruce Miller’s creation epic, Changer. Leon is an enrolled member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. His most influential teacher is his wife, Lynne.

b0096595_17115680.jpgWanda Moats
Wanda has studied with Laurel Paxton. Her last performance was Madame in The Maids by Jean Genet.

b0096595_17465037.jpgTyler Rhoades
Since relocating from Bellingham in the middle of 2004, Tyler has been acting at various companies around Seattle, including Village Theatre, SecondStory Repertory, and Ghostlight Theatricals. Tyler graduated from Western Washington University in 2003 with a degree in Theatre Arts, and hails originally from Kenmore.

b0096595_15362935.jpgPeter Sorensen
Peter has been studying Chekhov and Stanislavski with Leonid Anisimov since 2003. He was involved with an international collaboration in Tokyo, Japan with Russian and Japanese actors in 2003 under the direction of Anisimov. He has appeared in The Seagull and The Lower Depths in Seattle and Tokyo.

Telisa Steen
b0096595_15541311.jpgstage"27 wagons full of cotton" * tennessee williams * flora "a day for surprises" * john guare * ms. jepson "lithuania" * rupert brooke * anna "the maids" * jean genet * solange "st. anthony & the appendix" * robin rice lichtig * sister salvation "rattle rattle" * sally "the gift" * laurel paxton, wanda moats, & telisa steen * theresa "bless be the tie that binds" * laurel paxton * deborah "'dentity crisis" * christopher durang * woman
commercial, television, & film "stolen moment" * film * driver * 4d4 films shurguard storage * commercial * lisa * comcast advertising sales friends of the animal foundation * psa * northwest afternoon holiday greetings * psa * komo tv

Lynne Comptonb0096595_16572950.jpg
Lynne Compton is a certified teaching member of Alexander Technique International. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1996.
Throughout her training, emphasis was put toward applying the Technique to the skills required by performers. She has taught at Seattle Opera's Young Artists Program, the University of Washington, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Pacific University, and others. She has been a Freehold faculty member for five years.

Devin Bartlett He is from Los Angeles.

Michael Perrone
Michael is currently serving as Technical Director for Theater Schmeater, having recently designed the set for Miss America, A Fugue Born in 1969. He was last seen in The Twilight Zone and Shoppers Carried by Escalators into the Flames, both at Theater Schmeater. He also appeared in The Cherry Orchard under the direction of Leonid Anisimov in 2001.




Guest from Japan on March 10&15, 2007
Ms. Nakazawa is a member of Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater, and one of the founding members of Perezhivanie Art Theater led by Leonid Anisimov.
Mr. Anisimov has directed Ms. Nakazawa for major roles in many of Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater productions including Anya in The Cherry Orchard, Nina in The Seagull, Natasha in At The Bottom and Ohatsu in Love Suicides at Sonezaki.

This will be her first stage appearance in the United States. She will also participate in Korean and Russian art festivals in June and July 2007 with Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater. She is a graduate of Tama College of Art with a major in performing arts.
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