Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya is a story about inspiration for the future, love and dreams, how big ideas become meaningless, and the summation of life.

Directed by Leonid Anisimov
Assistant Directed by Corinne Bogan

~ Cast of Characters ~
Serebryakov, Aleksandr Vladimirovich, a retired professor
/ Leon Mattigosh
Yelena Andreevna , his wife
/ Anya Hanson, Erika Godwin
Sofya Aleksandrovna (Sonya), his daughter from a first marriage
/ Telisa Steen , Yoko Layer
Voynitskaya, Maria Vasilyevna, widow of the privy councillor, mother of the professor’s first wife
/ Wanda Moats, Corinne Bogan
Voynitsky, Ivan Petrovich (Vanya), her son
/ Paul Layer
Astrov, Mikhail Lvovich, a doctor
/ Erwin Galan , Robert Bertocchini
Telegin, Ilya Ilyich (Waffles), an impoverished landowner
/ Tyler Rhoades , Robert Bertocchini
Marina, the old family nurse
/ Kristine Knutson
A Workman
/ Erwin Galan , Robert Bertocchini , Devin Bartlett

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