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Devin Bartlett
b0096595_011431.jpgDevin grew up in the lovely and beautiful confines of the glorious San Fernando Valley in sunny Southern California . He was able to cut his acting chops on a wide variety of TV shows and movies including The Love Boat, Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Family Ties, Chicago Hope, ER, The Last Starfighter, Hook, The Buddy System, Beaches, Scarface, The Rock, and Beverly Hills Cop II prior to moving to Seattle. After a break from acting of several years, Devin returned as The Workman in Seattle Novyi Theatre’s production of Uncle Vanya, and Jack in The Dearest of Friends.

Corinne Bogan
b0096595_0112771.jpgCorinne co-directed Seattle Novyi Theatre's production of Uncle Vanya with Leonid Anisimov. She attended Cornish College of the Arts, and studied with Mark Jenkins at Freehold Theatre Lab & Studio. Corinne began training with Leonid Anisimov in January 2006, and can be seen as Polina in The Seagull. She participated in an internationally collaborative performance of Uncle Vanya (as Maria) during the International Festival of Classical Plays in Ussuriiskii , Russia in July 2007 as Mama in Uncle Vanya., which ended with a performance of The Seagull.

Paul Layerb0096595_0114667.jpg
Paul has been acting in, directing and producing theater in the Seattle area since 1989. He has been studying and using the Stanislavski System since 2001 when he began working with Leonid Anisimov. Under the direction of Mr. Anisimov he has appeared in The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya and The Lower Depths in Seattle , Tokyo and Russia . Paul has participated in internationally collaborative performances and workshops in Yuda , Japan in 2001, Tokyo in 2003, and Ussuriiskii , Russia in 2007. He is also a member of the Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater, and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the beautiful artists of TNRT during their inaugural season.

Chikako Togashi
b0096595_0124113.jpgBorn and raised in Sapporo, Japan, Chikako has been interested in theater since she was four years old, and performing with a shadow play group. The death of the leader of the Shadow Play group in 2007 brought back fond memories of her childhood, and motivated her to become involved in Seattle Novyi Theatre. She feels luck to be involved in SNT as she was not able to find something like this in her hometown. Chika gathers great energy living in Seattle and the USA , and will never tire of living here.

Amy Yeater
b0096595_012924.jpgAmy is thrilled to be working in theater again after a 20 year hiatus. She appeared as Vonnie in SNT’s production of The Dearest of Friends prior to Winnie in Happy Days. She sends out much love and thanks to her boys – Kevin and Lewis, and all her friends who have been so supportive.
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